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The Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Pacific Southwest

The Eleventh Commandment iBook
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iBook Release

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By Rich DuBose, Michael Temple and Karen Spruill

Have you noticed how increasingly difficult it is to be compassionate, let alone civil? In the marketplace, at home, work, church, and on Facebook, many are highly abrasive and on edge. Some are downright nasty, including some who profess to be Christian! It seems like political meanness and religious discrimination has become the norm. What’s a Christian supposed to do?

Pacific Union Conference Creative Ministries has released an iBook titled, The Eleventh Commandment, that focuses on how we’re supposed to live in an increasingly divisive culture. The format is an electronic iBook that uses text, aduio and video clips to interactively convey its message.

Content is suitable for personal study, small group sharing and dialogue. Each chapter includes questions for discussion and the videos can be watched as a group when projected with the proper connections.

This product is available now through Apple’s iBook store (on sale for a limited time) for $6.95. Regular price is $9.99 (U.S. dollars).

Update: This book is also available on the home page of this website for free online viewing (on the right side bar).